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The wood bison is the northern cousin of the plains bison that roams in the lower 48. Wood bison are the largest land animal in the entire Western Hemisphere! A large, mature bull wood bison will often weigh 2,250 pounds versus the 1,900 pounds of the smaller plains bison. A mature cow wood bison will weigh in at about 1,000 pounds. Calves are born from May to July, are a reddish color for a few weeks, and weigh in at 40 pounds at birth. They begin to grow horns and develop a  “hump” at about two months. Bison are grazers and feed primarily on grasses, sedges and forbs.

In, 2015, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game released a total of 130 wood bison along the Innoko River near the community of Shageluk. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center partnered with ADF&G and assisted with the holding, quarantine and breeding facility for the wood bison to be released. To learn more about the reintroduction, check out our Wood Bison Reintroduction page for more details.

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By adopting an animal at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, you can enjoy animal parenthood without all the work! Our professional staff will provide a special diet, environment, and veterinary care that your animal requires. You’ll enjoy wonderful benefits with each adoption level, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to provide a good home for your selected animal at the AWCC. Adopted animals remain in the care of AWCC.

Adoption Levels & Benefits:

The Skulk Level $30
The Green option! It includes digital adoption certificate and the digital quarterly newsletter. (This option is digital and is available internationally. Shipping not available.) If purchasing as a gift, please include recipient’s emails in the “Order Notes” at checkout. Tax-deductible amount $25.

The Chain Level $50
Adoption certificate, small animal plush toy*, animal trading card, and the digital quarterly newsletter.
*Reindeer & Muskox not available at this level. Tax-deductible amount $25.

The Prickle Level $100
Adoption certificate, large animal plush toy, animal trading card, and the digital quarterly newsletter. Tax-deductible amount $50.

The Yoke Level $100
Adoption certificate, T-shirt (please indicate size), animal trading card, and the digital quarterly newsletter. Tax-deductible amount $50.

The Gang Level $500
Adoption certificate, tote bag, animal plush toy, T-shirt (please indicate size), and the digital quarterly newsletter. Tax-deductible amount $410.

The Parliament Level $1,000
Adoption certificate, a Walk on the Wild Side tour for 4 people (reservations required), and the digital quarterly newsletter. Tax-deductible amount $495.

All levels may choose to receive adoption certificates digitally or to opt out of the gifts and have 100% of your adoption amount to support our animals.

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