Animal Clinic & Housing Fundraiser

Help raise funds for the new Animal Clinic & Housing (ACH) Building

We are beyond excited to get this project underway.  With growing demands in our animal care department, both in husbandry and veterinary care, we are excited to be expanding and improving our facilities.  With growth comes opportunities, and we are also excited to build “up” and add employee housing to this project, as well.  As we all know, housing demands brings its own unique challenges, adding our location into the mix brings additional hurdles and is something we recognize.  Due to the lack of affordable housing in Girdwood; it is crucial for AWCC to be able to offer onsite housing to our employees. These new housing units will solve this crisis for us. I am thankful to be a part of a motivated team that’s reaching for all the same goals!

Sarah Howard
Executive Director

Help Us Reach the $4 Million Goal

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To donate via check, please mail to:
PO Box 949
Girdwood, AK.
Please be sure to make a notation on your check “ACH Building Donation” and thank you for your generous support.

Our Project Goals

Animal Clinic & Housing Building

  • Create a more efficient kitchen that can accommodate preparation of all animal diets without having to utilize separate spaces for bears and other animals complete with walk-in refrigerator, walk-in freezer, see-through cabinets and storage space for optimal prep and operations, and triple sink for proper cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Collocate an improved animal infirmary into the same building as the animal commissary by creating a multi-room space with a large garage door to accommodate larger animals coming in for surgeries, hydraulic table/lift system for surgeries, a separate wing of the building to maintain biosecurity, and a workstation in the clinic for the Head Veterinarian.
  • Create gear storage, keeper workstations, additional enrichment and supplies storage, restrooms, break room, and overnight accommodations in a combined “middle space,” separating the infirmary and commissary. This will include workstations for keepers to handle record keeping, notes, observations, etc.; an all-staff break room; and separate overnight space with 2 accommodating restrooms for the vet to stay in during overnight visits, or full-time staff to stay during rescue and calving season. Having a full-kitchen and restroom allows for overnight emergency stays. This will also remain open for any staff member that gets stuck at AWCC overnight due to weather, etc.

Animal Clinic & Housing Building

  • Create additional housing by building a second story above the combined kitchen and infirmary. This will be large enough to accommodate the growth needs of the AWCC and provide housing space for up to 16 individuals with multiple restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, spacious kitchen with two cook-tops, multiple sinks, and internet capabilities. This is designed to handle a large number of staff needing housing.
  • Create a “behind the scenes” tour where visitors could be brought to the animal kitchen (and eventually the infirmary) to see how keepers prepare animal diets, and other various tasks. This will bring about the possibility to offer tours while small/safe procedures are being done in the infirmary.

Our animal care team of keepers and veterinary staff at AWCC is growing and improving quickly.  These additions and expansions will make it possible for us to not only provide the best care for resident animals at the AWCC but will allow us to expand and explore opportunities to rescue, care for, and potentially release injured and orphaned animals back into the wild.  We are building a world class facility for wildlife care givers and veterinarians to exchange information, come for training programs, and contribute to wildlife conservation and education worldwide.  This global effort and collaboration in wildlife medicine will not only provide cutting edge care for our animals and vulnerable Alaskan wildlife but will contribute to wildlife health of animals throughout the world.

Dr. Michelle Oakley
AWCC Head Veterinarian

Thank You
to Our Generous Donors

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