Visit AWCC Virtually

Can’t make it to AWCC in person? Join us virtually.

Our naturalist staff provides educational opportunities for students near and far. During a virtual field trip, students will be engaged by a walking tour of AWCC or a show and tell with one of our animal ambassadors. Students will learn fun new information about Alaskan wildlife and have an opportunity to ask our naturalist staff their questions in real time using a video conferencing platform.

Our current virtual program offerings

Virtual Tour

A naturalist guide will walk through AWCC showing your students everything they see along the way. Students will learn about the Alaska wildlife represented by ambassadors at AWCC and hear stories of how some animals came to be in our care. If along the way there is a unique opportunity for insight into operations or care at AWCC we will pause to take a closer look.

This program is up to 1 hour in length and can be modified to fit a shorter presentation schedule.  In our experience one class at a time learns more.  Fewer students have more opportunity to ask personalized questions during the program.

Show and Tell with one of our ambassador animals

Is your class learning about or interested in a specific species living at AWCC? Maybe your school mascot, or an animal you have been learning about as a group. Virtually meet with an AWCC Naturalist in front of one of our animal habitats to learn about and see that species. These programs include information about the species in Alaska and how the individuals you see came to be in our care. These can easily be customized to address topics relevant to your group.

This option is great for all ages. For younger audiences, this program can be packed full of learning on a timeline suited to your group’s attention span. For older students wanting to gain a deeper understanding, we can take a focused look at a specific topic of study. These programs are up to 30 minutes and have flexible timing to meet your group’s needs.

Looking for something specific?
If you have a specific request in mind to suit your group that is different from the above listed programs, reach out to the education department to discuss program possibilities.

Our tour exceeded our expectations.

Everyone was appreciative of the number of animals we were able to learn about. [Our naturalist guide] welcomed questions, answered every question, was clear and concise, and extremely patient.

The presentation was wonderful and very engaging.

The students loved hearing the animal stories and guessing which animal was next. Mr. Duane connected with the students and had a cheerful disposition and was personable with them. He laughed when they were silly, and made each student feel valued for their input.”


Programs lasting less than 30 minutes cost $50, programs more than 30 minutes and up to an hour in length cost $100.  These programs are offered to schools, homeschool groups, scouting groups, summer camps, and other youth serving not-for-profit organizations.

Booking Virtual Field Trips

Email or call our office at (907) 783-0058 with questions or to book a program. In your inquiry please include your school or organization group name, group location(s), participant age range, scheduling requests, and any specific inquiries about the type of program you are looking for.

These programs are scheduled as staff are available.

Help us fundraise for a
NEW Animal Clinic & Housing building

"These additions and expansions will make it possible for us to provide the best care for resident animals and allow us to expand opportunities to rescue, care for, and potentially release injured and orphaned animals back into the wild."  Dr. Oakley, AWCC Head Veterinarian