Volunteers at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center provide invaluable support to our staff, guests, and resident animals. Our programs provide opportunities to learn new skills, work towards personal goals, and contribute to the AWCC in a fun and meaningful way. Apply today!

AWCC Volunteer Programs:

Docent  |  Fellowship  | One Time Groups | Scouts |  

Volunteering at the AWCC was an amazing way to spend the summer. I learned so much from the awesome people who work there about the resident animals and their wild counterparts. It was really fun to meet people from all over the world who are interested in animals too. I loved getting to share everything I learned with our visitors. I can’t wait to come back next summer! 


Docent Volunteer


For those individuals looking to volunteer with the AWCC on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, our Docent Program is for you! Rooted in education, our Docent Program seeks dedicated volunteers interested in learning about our organization, mission, and resident wildlife. Docents support the AWCC by helping visitors develop an understanding and appreciation of the wildlife we care for, their wild counterparts, and the awe-inspiring environment surrounding the sanctuary. To meet this goal, docents engage with guests by offering educational opportunities and answering questions as guests view wildlife. All experience necessary to become a successful docent at AWCC is provided through our Docent Training Program and corresponding Education Department staff members.

Those individuals interested in volunteering with the Animal Care department must first successfully complete our Docent Training Program and be able to speak about AWCC’s core functions and mission to guests for consideration as an Animal Care volunteer candidate.

Our volunteer needs vary throughout the year due to fluctuating visitor numbers and seasonal changes on site. Our highest volunteer need corresponds to our highest visitation during the summer months.

We are currently accepting applications for docent volunteers year-round. To apply to be a docent, Click Here. You will need to submit a resume and fill out an application. With any questions, please email volunteer@alaskawildlife.org


An AWCC docent hosting a program with Kobuk the black bear.


  • Gain valuable hands-on experience
  • 10% discount on purchases in the Be Wild Gift Shop
  • Free admission to AWCC


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Ability to work well both independently and with others
  • Comply with AWCC policies and procedures
  • Record of current Tetanus vaccine​


Our Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a temporary, full-time volunteer experience at the AWCC. With a minimum commitment requirement of two months, working a minimum of 32 hours per week, participants are given the short term and rigorous opportunity to live on site, join our team, learn about AWCC operations, and gain valuable career skills. These dedicated volunteers are interested in learning about our organization, mission, and wildlife and desire to share their knowledge with others. Fellowship candidates may secure funding through their university, a grant, scholarship, or similar and work as sponsored volunteers. While preference is given to applicants being sponsored for a fellowship, we will accept volunteer applications without sponsorship. Applicants should indicate their sponsorship status in the Fellowship application form and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

While applicants can indicate departmental preference in their application, participants will have duties in both our Education and Animal Care departments, with tasks such as presenting daily talks and tours, assisting with school programs, preparing animal diets, and cleaning habitats. Tasks in this program are given on a scale of earned responsibility, starting with a training and orientation that includes learning about the animals in our care and shadowing staff.

Our volunteer needs vary through the year due to fluctuating visitor numbers and seasonal changes. There are no specific start and end dates for this program, but availability is limited based on the terms of consecutive volunteer programs. Please include your preferred start and end dates in your application. Ideal participants for this program are in a phase of career exploration.

We are currently accepting applications for fellowships year-round. To apply for a fellowship click here. You will need to submit a single page resume and fill out an application.

Grece Volunteer Page

Summer 2022 Fellow


  • Skill building and career training
  • Hands on opportunities
  • Live on site during full time service
  • Team member discount in gift store


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be able to commit to a minimum 2 month full-time volunteer schedule
  • Record of current Tetanus vaccination
  • Valid drivers license

I loved the diversity of roles I had the opportunity to fill. Working with different departments as well completing an individual project made every day exciting and unique.

Chrysanthe Frangos

Summer 2022 Volunteer

One-Time Groups

Our One Time Group Volunteer Program is an opportunity for those looking to engage their team in volunteerism at our sanctuary. Some projects occur annually while others vary year to year based on the needs of the sanctuary. Some projects require no special gear or materials, and team members can simply show up to participate. Other projects may be seeking donation of materials or sponsors to help complete them.

If you are looking to take your group out of the office and outdoors for a volunteer project, whether your group is new to volunteering or regularly serve your community, AWCC has a variety of exciting projects to help you build a stronger team invested in community service.


  • Have an engaging team building opportunity for your company or organization
  • Perfect for team building with new staff or completing annual community service goals
  • Have a fun and rewarding group experience with stories to bring back to the office
  • Create a deeper connection to our environment and community
  • Enjoy visiting AWCC after your volunteer project is complete


  • Group is represented by a program lead to coordinate details with AWCC staff and disperse details to participants
  • Participants at least 18 years of age
  • Program availability based on AWCC’s project needs

To inquire, please email volunteer@alaskawildlife.org with details about your group and project ideas or requirements.

One time group plant a tree

A Group of one time volunteers help construct a North American porcupine habitat.


The AWCC is happy to work with scouts completing service projects for badges and awards.

In the past, scouts have furthered AWCC’s mission by completing projects such as building hutches and shelters for animals in our care. We have capacity for similar building projects as well as opportunities to facilitate activities, events, and temporary exhibits.

Scouts and participants in other youth serving organizations working to earn badges and awards including Gold Award, WoHeLo, Eagle Scouts, are encouraged to reach out to us regarding service project opportunities.

Scouts and Hutch

To inquire, please email volunteer@alaskawildlife.org with details about your group and project ideas or requirements.

Youth engage in service projects for a number of reasons; to connect more deeply to their community, contribute to causes they believe in, to grow personally and professionally, and so many others.


Director of Education

Volunteer feeding muskox

A fellowship volunteer bonding with two of our muskox orphans.

Volunteer feeding muskox

A docent holds one of his favorite tools for interpretation at AWCC – a wood bison skull.

Highway Clean Up Volunteers

Two docents scrub antlers to help us prepare for our Paint An Antler event.

Highway Clean Up Volunteers

Volunteers help keep our sanctuary and surrounding areas clean by picking up along the highway near our entrance.

New tour announcement! We are excited to launch the Naturalist Guided Walking Tour, with 2 departures daily. This tour may also be booked last minute. Learn More HERE, or book HERE.