Alaska Biodiversity Art Contest

AWCC’s 5th Annual Art Contest: Animals of the Turnagain Arm – Belugas, Bears, & Beyond

About: Animals of the Turnagain Arm – Belugas, Bears, & Beyond

The AWCC team is so excited about our 5th Annual Art Contest! While this year’s contest is open to both Alaskan students and out of state students (within the United States and territories), our 2023 theme is targeted to celebrate the Turnagain Arm, the specific region of Alaska that the AWCC is found in. The Turnagain Arm is a waterway that connects to the Gulf of Alaska and is home to coastal temperate rainforest, large tide variations, valleys carved by glaciers, and stunning views of both the Chugach and Kenai Mountains. All four seasons are unique, and each has a distinct influence on life in and around “the arm”. In the water, beluga whales, Dall’s porpoise, salmon, eulachon, and so many more can be found seasonally. On the land surrounding, trees and shrubs like cottonwood, spruce, willow, and alder grow, with herbaceous plants such as Sitka burnet, fireweed, lupine, and Jacob’s ladder, fill the ground below. Among this flora, animals outside the water like bears, moose, Dall sheep, snowshoe hares, migratory birds, and so many in between take residence. Though you may not be familiar with the variety of wildlife or scenery found in this specific region, we hope that you and your student s will be encouraged to find a connection to your home, no matter how far. Perhaps this connection is made through the North American porcupine, or American black bear, whose ranges extend far beyond the Turnagain Arm and Alaska. Or it could be the Rufous hummingbird, who travels all the way from Mexico over the Rocky Mountains to breed and raise their young here. If not any of these, bald eagles may be a common connection, as they are not only found throughout most of Alaska but all of the lower 48 states. The PDF document titled “Animals of the Arm” below is intended to expand on these details even more, with hopes to inform and inspire all who consider entering this year’s Pre K – 12 AWCC art contest. By participating in this exciting annual event, students and their support system help us further our mission, one entry at a time. Thank you!

5th Annual Art Contest Rules & Regulations

  • Free entry for Alaskan students
  • $10 entry fee for other students within the United States and territories (for teachers interested in a classroom rate, email
  • 1 entry per student
  • Art must be 2 dimensional and no larger than 11 x 17”
  • Submissions can be sent in the mail to the address listed in the registration and consent form OR by email to
  • Please encourage your student to put their name on the back of their artwork. If the art is selected for the t-shirt and scholarship prize, artwork cannot have name on the front. Artwork with names on the front are still accepted, but will need to be edited without the name if selected to be put on merchandise.


  • Accepting submissions: August 15th – October 1st
  • Staff selections for gallery: October 1st – October 15th
  • In person gallery in Be Wild Gift Shop: October 15th – October 31st
  • Voting for t-shirt and scholarship prizes in Be Wild Gift Shop: October 15th – October 28th
  • Virtual gallery is published, closing event hosted on Zoom: October 29th at 10am
  • T-shirt and scholarship prizes announced: November 15th


Prizes will be awarded to each student selected for the 2023 art gallery. Art selected for the gallery will be entered into the chance to be awarded one of four scholarships accompanied by their artwork being featured in a t-shirt sold in AWCC’s Be Wild Gift Shop.

One of these scholarship awards will be given to each of the following categories:

  • Grade school (PreK – 5)
  • Middle school (6 – 8)
  • High school (9 – 12)
  • Alaska Ambassador Award
    • This award will be given to the Alaska student entry that exemplifies the theme and inspires our AWCC team.

The AWCC art contest is intended to be an educational event.

With that we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to both do your research and practice your creativity! Below are some resources to help you become further inspired! Please email with any questions!

4th Annual Highlights


The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is so thankful to all of the inspired artists that decided to share their creativity with us, and we are eager to celebrate 2022’s selected artists in the virtual gallery below!

It has been such an honor to help coordinate this year’s 4th Annual Art Contest. No matter what your favorite part about biodiversity is, we hope that you will admire the work of this year’s selected artists and their celebrations of Alaskan biodiversity. There is simply so much to behold!

Grace Lewis

Naturalist & Education Specialist

3rd Annual Highlights


Congratulations to the selected artists from the 2021 Alaska Biodiversity Art Contest! In 2021 we partnered with the Wild Postcard Project and marked our 3rd annual art contest. We hope you enjoy this virtual art gallery that highlights the incredible work of these extremely talented young artists!

2nd Annual Highlights


Thank you to all our students, teachers, and schools that participated in the 2020 Art Contest!

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