Congratulations to one of our docents, Porscha Danielle, who recently taught a still life drawing workshop at the Alaska Botanical Garden.

This workshop allowed participants to observe and draw moose skulls, antlers, and plants important for moose diets. These moose skulls and antlers were borrowed for use from AWCC! This two hour session allowed Porscha to teach others about her time volunteering at AWCC while demonstrating her artistic process.

“Growing up in the interior, like most Alaskans, I had many interactions with moose in the wild. It has left a lasting impression on my relation to wildlife, a reminder that we are a part of a wild world and moose are our neighbors, even when they sometimes inconveniently eat our gardens!

Over this summer I had the opportunity to volunteer as a docent with the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) where I spent time observing moose that find sanctuary there. Their names are Arnold the bull (5 yrs old), Josephine or more commonly referred to as Jo, and Pip, the two cuddling cows (3 yrs old), and a new arrival of a female calf. All the moose at the AWCC came in as orphans due to causes such as car collision, defense of property and life shooting, and even dog attack.”

Porscha Danielle is an artist with a background in painting and drawing. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Colorado and her Master of Fine Arts from University of New Orleans in Louisiana. Originally from Alaska, she currently lives in Louisiana. This summer, she shared her talent with her home state, teaching people art through Alaska Botanical Garden.

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