Cameron Ward, Hoofstock Keeper

Favorite Animal? AWCC: Canadian Lynx Overall: Pangolin, an animal related to the armadillo 
Where are you from? Originally I’m from Columbia, Missouri, but I grew up in East Lansing, Michigan. 
Education? Majored in Health Sciences and minored in Biology at Truman State University 
What has AWCC done for you? AWCC has given me the opportunity to live in Alaska and experience a different culture and lifestyle.  
Plans after this?  In the fall, I plan on attending graduate school at the University of London at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. After graduate school, I would like to work with international health through a non-profit/NGO. 
Anything else? I didn’t have a huge background in wildlife due to my medical goals and biology minor, but I appreciate that AWCC has given me a chance to try my hand at something I have always enjoyed learning about.

Logan Bragdon, Animal Care Intern

Favorite Animal? AWCC: Brown Bears Overall: Tigers
Where are you from? Louisville, Colorado
Education? Wildlife Biology & Conservation at the University of Alaska – Fairbanks
Aspirations? I hope to work in unique places around the world, meet interesting people, and work either with or for animals while doing so.
How do you hope AWCC will help you accomplish your aspirations? I hope AWCC will help me to grow in my animal care career and to better define what I want to do in my field. I also hope it will allow me the opportunity to explore and experience this area of Alaska.
Favorite part so far? Feeding the musk ox calves
Anything else? This area is probably the prettiest area I have ever been to (and I’m really not just saying that).

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