The AWCC Education Team recently had the opportunity to teach academic programs at Chapman School in Anchor Point. They prepared four Awesome Adaptations programs for Chapman School’s third through eighth graders. These programs offered students hands-on experiences investigating skulls, fur, teeth, and bones. The pre-k through second graders were treated to two fun Alaska Animals puppet shows, which kept them entertained while learning.

The Awesome Adaptations programs are designed to teach students how animals have adapted to their environments over time. By providing hands-on experiences, the program offers students a unique opportunity to learn about the world around them. The program encourages students to investigate different aspects of an animals physiology which helps them understand the unique characteristics of different animals.

The interactive Alaska Animals puppet shows were tailored to teach students about different animals that live in Alaska. By using puppets, the team was able to teach the concepts in a way that was entertaining and easy to understand.

Our team was able to reach every student at the school, for a total of about 160 kids!  By providing hands-on learning experiences through the Awesome Adaptations programs and fun puppet shows, the team created an engaging and interactive learning environment for the students.

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