Our Big Bears, Big Veggies 2023 event was a success! Sarah Howard was in charge of the tractor and dropped off award-winning zucchinis, pumpkins, beets, cabbages, and summer squashes to our three hungry resident brown bears. We smeared peanut butter, jelly, apple sauce, and whipped cream on the vegetables to make them extra enticing.

Watch our three resident brown bears, Hugo, JB, and Patrón, go crazy for some big vegetables donated by the Alaska State Fair. Every year, award-winning produce is donated so we can give a special treat to the bears. This year, Patrón, the brown bear rubbing herself all over the cabbage, was clearly the most excited for the donation. Her brother, JB, is the bear rolling around the pumpkin toward the end of the video. Hugo is a bit more timid by nature, so she waited until everyone finished the veggies before making her claim.

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