Did you know that season 2 of Alaska Animal Rescue is now on Nat Geo Wild? This exciting series follows staff from the Alaska Sealife Center, the Alaska Raptor Center, and of course Howie and the team here at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. New episodes air on Saturdays at 10:00PM EST. Can’t make it? No worries! In the fall, all of season two will become available on Disney+ so you can get all caught up on the inspiring wildlife rescue stories here in Alaska. Season two was filmed during the summer of 2020 and some of the highlights include the clever rescued porcupine Heath who is quite the escape artist, Ebb the rescued squirrel, as well as the story of Pip and Jo the rescued moose calves.

If you love the AWCC then catching an episode of Alaska Animal Rescue is the best way to learn what it’s like behind the scenes here at the center. Caring for the many types of wildlife in our care can be quite the exhilarating (and entertaining) experience and Alaska Animal Rescue documents it all! Viewers get to learn how our team of passionate Animal Keepers ensure our animals are happy, healthy, and safe 24/7. Whether it’s building habitats for our animals, wrangling unruly muskox, or addressing medical concerns, we know you’ll love catching a glimpse of day-to-day life here at the AWCC.

Didn’t get a chance to watch season one of Alaska Animal Rescue? Disney+ has you covered there as well! Season one was filmed during the summer of 2019 and some highlights include the story of Artemis the rescued muskox, Arnold the rescued moose, and more. We hope you enjoy!

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