Photo Credit: Austin Blackwell

Winter is a great time to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center; that’s right – we’re open all year long!

Here are five reasons to make a visit to the sanctuary during this snowy season:

1. Our animals love the snow!

Snow is kind of like nature’s own enrichment tool for the creatures who call the AWCC home. They love to frolic out in the flakes just like we do, and many of our residents are most active in the chilly months.

2. Kick sleds!

This time of year we offer a very special way to make your way around the center, on the back of a kick sled! You can rent these fun-machines from the gift shop for $5 and use them for the entire duration of your stay.

3. Beat the summer crowds!

The winter is a great time of year to have a more personal time at the center, without the hussle and bussle of our usual summertime visitors. This time of year we don’t have many large crowds, making it a perfectly peaceful way to get to see some of Alaska’s best wildlife.

4. Warm up and learn in our gift shop!

If you get too chilly while exploring never fear – our gift shop is the perfect place to tuck inside and warm up. Not only do we offer daily naturalist programs (either in the gift shop itself or the folks inside are happy to point you in the right direction), but hot tea, coffee, and cocoa are all available inside!

5. The views! 

The AWCC is situated at the terminus of Turnagain Arm, with sweeping views of the surrounding ocean, mountains, and glaciers, the winter offers unique views of this incredible location blanketed in gorgeous snow.


Bundle up, grab a cup of @kaladibrotherscoffee, and say hi to our resident animals! #akwildlife #awcc #alaska

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New tour announcement! We are excited to launch the Naturalist Guided Walking Tour, with 2 departures daily. This tour may also be booked last minute. Learn More HERE, or book HERE.