Meet the Porcupines

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Meet Twix

Twix the porcupine holds and nibbles on a small pumpkin
Twix, a male porcupine, was orphaned in May 2018 in Juneau, Alaska.

He was one day old when found with his umbilical cord still attached. Raising Twix from infancy has allowed us to learn a lot about porcupettes, including their needs and natural behaviors. Porcupettes nurse from their mother for up to 4 months and can eat vegetation after just a few weeks. As an orphan, Twix was bottle-fed with goat milk because it is gentle on the stomach and very nutritious. Porcupettes are born with their quills that harden within hours of birth.

Meet Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth 4
Baby Ruth was found near a trail head in Homer, AK. It was very apparent he was being hand-fed and would often follow people around looking for food.

Since he was habituated with people, and is still very young, he was picked up by the ADF&G and brought to AWCC. This is a valuable lesson on why we discourage anyone from ever feeding wildlife. Animals quickly become reliant on humans and will no longer fend for themselves. Therefore, Baby Ruth is now in our care. Baby Ruth is currently on display near the moose observation deck. Baby Ruth loves his new home, walking on his back legs to ask for food, and enjoys hanging out with his care givers!

Meet Heath

Heath 4
Heath was found near Ninilchik frozen on the ground in the middle of a hiking path.

He was cold and looked like he had been attacked by another animal since all of his quills were missing and he was very weak. He was picked up by a passer-by who contacted ADF&G, who then got in touch with AWCC. This is a good reminder that springtime is rich with babies, and if you are worried about an orphan, please leave the wildlife alone and call ADF&G. He was also found with a missing front leg. Heath has had a rough start but is doing well adapting to his new home at AWCC with his keepers. Heath is an avid climber, and enjoys snacking on grapes and nuts, especially pecans.

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