Meet the Moose

These moose have participated in dietary studies and have also appeared in movies and television commercials.

REMEMBER – Moose calves are rarely abandoned by their mothers! If you see a calf that you think is abandoned, contact the Department of Fish & Game.

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Meet Pip and Jo

Pip (pictured left), short for Pippi Longstocking, comes to us after being orphaned in Seward, Alaska.

Pip, short for Pippi Longstocking. Pip was found alone in Seward in May 2020, too young to be on her own. It is not known what happened to mom. Pip is a sweet moose and is more independent than Jo, often choosing to be off by herself. 

Jo, short for Josephine March from Little Women. Jo’s mom was shot in defense of life and property when she charged a fisherman in Anchorage in June 2020. Jo was very quickly picked up by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and then brought to AWCC. She was much shyer and more afraid of people since she was with mom only hours before she was brought into human care. She was also a bit bigger, maybe a week or two older than Pip. As Jo has gotten older, she has become the more dominant female moose.

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