Meet the Moose

These moose have participated in dietary studies and have also appeared in movies and television commercials.

REMEMBER – Moose calves are rarely abandoned by their mothers! If you see a calf that you think is abandoned, contact the Department of Fish & Game.

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Meet Arnold

Arnold is a male moose who arrived at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center on June 12, 2018.

He was discovered orphaned off of DeArmoun Road in Anchorage where his mother was hit by a vehicle. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game transferred Arnold to AWCC, where he received a health assessment and put in the immediate care of our animal care staff. He is becoming a handsome bull and is starting to grow his first set of antlers.

Only males or bull moose have antlers. Most male moose calves develop bony knobs on their heads by the end of their first summer. After the first year, they grow antlers every summer and shed them during the winter.

Meet Pip and Jo

Pip (pictured left), short for Pippi Longstocking, comes to us after being orphaned in Seward, Alaska.

Jo, short for Josephine March from Little Women, was orphaned when her mother was shot and killed in defense of life and property in Anchorage. Jo is about a week older and a tad bigger and came to us on June 1st, 2020. Pip came to us on May 29th, 2020.

Pip and Jo’s story’s are quite sad but we’re glad we can give them a happy home here at the AWCC. They are now hanging out in the enclosure behind the Animal Infirmary. Be sure to come pay them a visit and be prepared to play “I spy” because they love to play hide and seek in the tall grass.

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