Meet Jade

In June of 2013, Jade was picked up by joggers on a running trail in Anchorage believing he was orphaned.

Foxes are known to be very curious animals so it’s possible that Jade may have just been exploring his new surroundings when he was found. Because it is illegal to take a fox kit as a pet, Jade was brought to the AWCC where he has been given a permanent home. Jade has become a favorite animal at the AWCC and can be seen “wagging” his tail around curious visitors while enjoying the occasional raw egg.

Meet Storm

Storm is a female red fox with a black and white coat, referred to as a “marble fox”.
Her unique coloration is the result of selective breeding on fur farms seeking novel coat patterns. Storm was owned illegally as a pet in Montana. After being confiscated by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, she was brought to AWCC in 2016.

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