Meet the American Red Squirrel

Red squirrels tend to cache much of the food they collect, saving it for winter. They have cache storage areas all over their territory.

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Meet Ebenezer Scrooge

Through their food caching, the American Red Squirrels often help the environment through the distribution of spruce seeds and other trees.
While they are very good at knowing where all of their stores are are, they sometimes forget to go back and thus, a tree is planted. They typically take over an area that is about a half-acre to an acre in size and defend it fiercely. Their top predators are owls, hawks, martens, and cats.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a little guy with a big personality, Ebenezer, better known as Ebby, was rescued in 2020 when he became too habituated to humans to remain in the wild. Red squirrels are territorial which makes them pretty feisty naturally, and Ebby was no exception when he came to the sanctuary. His primary trainer has been able to direct that energy into learning things like how to target, station, and kennel. All of this training really helps stimulate his mind! Visit Ebenezer in his new outdoor enclosure behind the Be Wild Gift Shop.

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