AWCC is constantly looking for volunteers! We love giving locals insights to our work as well as spreading community. We welcome individuals, families or large groups to contact us for more information and dates about volunteering.

Drew Larson, Daily Volunteer

Where are you from? Wasilla, Alaska
Education? Western Washington University Major: Biology with an interest in Animal Behavior
Why did you decide to volunteer at AWCC? I’m lucky money isn’t an issue in my life, so I want to give back while getting experience in a field I am interested in.
What have you learned from volunteering here? I’ve learned a lot about animal’s varied diets, and also that even wild animals have different personalities that will change how they act around us and each other.
What’s your favorite part? My favorite part is talking with kids and answering their questions because they’re so full of wonder and aren’t afraid to ask any questions.
What’s your long-term goal with volunteering at AWCC? I plan on using this experience to get an internship at AWCC next year that will hopefully go with my new major.
What are your life goals/aspirations? All I want is to help others be happy while being happy, myself. I aim to get to a position where I can eventually make the lives of wild animals better through biological research and studies.
Anything else? I would definitely recommend volunteering here to anyone wanting to get experience in a biological field. The staff are some of the nicest people I’ve worked for, and the interns I work alongside have made me feel welcome and make it an amazing experience to spend a small part of my life on.

Drew has been volunteering with AWCC for a few weeks, now, and plans to continue until he returns to school in the fall. We have many volunteers who volunteer daily, weekly, monthly or just a single time. Every little bit helps the center, the animals and the conservation efforts AWCC is working towards.


Interested in volunteering? Email with any questions you may have!

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