New Enclosure for the Foxes

Jade and Storm, the resident foxes of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, have officially been moved into their new enclosure and look how happy they are!Jade, our male red fox, came to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in 2013 when he was believed to have...

Animal Reactions to November Earthquake

Ever wonder how animals would react in an earthquake? Well on November 30, 2019, a 7.1 earthquake hit southcentral Alaska causing the resident animals of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to display some interesting behaviors. Musk ox assumed their protective...

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NEW Animal Clinic & Housing building

"These additions and expansions will make it possible for us to provide the best care for resident animals and allow us to expand opportunities to rescue, care for, and potentially release injured and orphaned animals back into the wild."  Dr. Oakley, AWCC Head Veterinarian