Beary Playful

Beary Playful

Enjoy this video of Kobuk the Black Bear at play, filmed by a guest visiting the sanctuary in July of 2021. This video highlights the importance of enrichment. Sonia, AWCC Animal Keeper & Enrichment Coordinator, chats with us about the importance of enrichment: As...

Giant Veggie Feeding on Sept. 15

Every year at the Alaska State Fair, one of the main attractions is the giant prized vegetables with record-breaking pumpkins, giant cabbage, and impressive squash. But as the vendors break down their booths and the long summer hours dwindle, what happens to all the...

Kobuk and Sarah

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center’s very own Sarah Howard, the Curator was recognized for her special relationship with Kobuk, the three-year-old black bear on KTUU Channel 2. If you missed the story, catch up on the article here:...

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"These additions and expansions will make it possible for us to provide the best care for resident animals and allow us to expand opportunities to rescue, care for, and potentially release injured and orphaned animals back into the wild."  Dr. Oakley, AWCC Head Veterinarian