This year has been quite difficult for us here at AWCC, and the challenges we face are many. However, the cloud of 2020 has a silver lining – our friends. We’d like to say thank you to our monthly donors who give us something to count on, surprise donors who give us something to hope for, and members who give support through annual memberships.

Unfortunately, due to the drastic reduction of visitors during 2020, AWCC is still in urgent need of support. Our animals require care and feeding regardless of reduced visitation. A gift to AWCC will help us purchase food and provide veterinary care and enrichment for the animals of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. With Giving Tuesday just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to kick off the charitable season.

Until the end of the year, Conoco Phillips Alaska has generously agreed to match your gift up to $5000. Now is a great time to give and support rescued animals like Kit Kat the porcupine. Donations will help us purchase important items for our animals such as bedding straw, which costs $15 per bale. We use 25 bales per week, year-round. With winter on its way, bedding straw helps keep animals nice and cozy.

Just how far will a matched donation of $5,000 go? With $10,000, AWCC could purchase 1/3 of our annual hay for our wood bison, muskox, and elk. That money could also be used to pay for produce for 4 months for our herbivores and omnivores. Alternatively, it could be used to pay our water treatment bill for almost 3 months.

Thank you for considering us in your year-end giving! Visit our Donate page to get started.

Discover the WILD of Alaska and come meet the locals! Walk on the Wild Side Tours are available year-round. Moose Encounters & Bear Encounters begin June 1st. Book early as tours sell-out quickly.