Meet Chena

Chena the Canadian Lynx arrived at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in 2014 after being rescued from North Pole, Alaska.
From a young age Chena had been kept illegally inside a small chicken coop and as a result, has developed multiple physical handicaps. Since coming to AWCC, Chena’s life has improved dramatically. She can often be seen eating full chicken breasts and bathing in the sun.

Meet Calvin

Calvin the Canada lynx was rescued in the Bethel area after his mother was killed. He arrived as a 6-pound kitten.

Calvin is very vocal and energetic and keeps his care takers on their toes. Lynx are the only felines native to Alaska. A lynx’s feet are the same size as a mountain lion’s even though a lynx is one quarter the size. A lynx’s large feet relative to body size help act as snowshoes so they can stay on top of snow.

Listen to the Lynx Audio Guide

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