Meet Our Great-Horned Owl

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Meet Snappy

Snappy is our male Great-Horned Owl. He arrived at AWCC in 1999 from Anchorage after suffering a gunshot wound. He is a partial wing amputee and has a permanent home at AWCC.

Did you know? Despite popular belief, owls cannot turn their heads all the way around. They can, however, turn their heads about three-quarters of the way around in either direction. This is possible because their eyes are conical, so large that they cannot be moved within their sockets. This head motion, therefore, allows them to accurately detect sound and movement.

Birds such as bald eagles and great horned owls have a variety of feather types. Flight and tail feathers are long and strong, while contour feathers are smaller and softer, providing birds with their streamlined shape. Down feathers are fluffy and provide insulation by trapping in air next to their bodies.

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