Have you ever wanted to see animals native to Alaska up close? What about having them take food out of your hand?

Starting today at 10am we will be offering a new program experience – Moose Encounter! This experience is just $10 per person and allows the visitor to feed our five bull moose while an animal keeper guides the experience.

All ages are welcome, but we do ask an adult to participate with children under the age of 10. Our moose absolutely love interacting with people, and who doesn’t love getting yummy snacks before lunch?

*Tickets can be purchased in the gift shop before 9:30 am day of.

About Moose:
Moose are related to the deer and are the largest of all species! Male moose, or bulls, grow antlers as large as 6 feet in width. All moose have a flap of skin beneath their throat called a “bell” because it sways as they walk.

Similar to other hooved animals, moose use their hooves in winter to scrape away the snow allowing them to reach the grass and moss beneath.  These hooves also support and stabilize the animal in soft snow and mud. Moose absolutely love the water! In the summer, they are commonly found swimming or playing in it. They can even swim underwater for more than 30 seconds! Females give birth in the spring to calves weighing at least 30 pounds each. Within five days, the calves can outrun an Olympian. The calves then leave their mother within two years of being born.


Discover the WILD of Alaska and come meet the locals! Walk on the Wild Side Tours are available year-round and include an animal encounter. Summer Moose Encounters & Bear Encounters are available for online booking. Book early to ensure your spot!