New Entrance!

We are excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of our new entrance!

This entrance has been a project six-years in the making, and is located a few hundred yards north of the old entrance – closer to Anchorage.

The new entrance will aid in the flow of traffic as well as entering and exiting Seward Highway. The longer road, slight curve and large width will give larger vehicles, such as buses and RVs, easier access and mobility. Signage has been placed by the new entrance notifying guests of its location.

Designers and supporters included DOT and the Forest Service with Wilco Construction running the project. Building the road is a slight part of a larger project being conducted by DOT and the Forest Service. This larger project consists of creating a continuous trail from the Blue Ice trail in Portage through to the Wildlife Conservation Center.

We hope the new entrance will help guests discover the center while also providing a safe and easy turn in. Come check it out when you get the chance.