We’re excited to announce that there will be new dining options this spring at AWCC! BruceSkis Turkish Cuisine will be setting up shop as of Wednesday March 10th and serving delicious food to our guests until Friday, April 30th. They’ll offer a variety of dishes popular throughout Turkey & the Mediterranean so you’ll never go hungry while enjoying a day at the center.

Emily Maxwell of Glacier City Gazette Writes: Authenticity and quality are important to BruceSkis, with Ranke putting in the extra effort to smoke his own eggplant for Baba Ganoush or to marinate chicken for two days for Sis Tavuk, BruceSkis’ signature dish. “There’s quite a lot of prep work involved. It’s definitely not just fly-by-night Turkish food, I’m taking the time and effort to make a quality and authentic meal.”

Their varied and healthy menu means there’s something for veggie and meat-lovers alike. Want a taste of what could be in store for your taste buds? BruceSkis will offer items such as Sis Tavuk Chicken, a delicious pita stuff with organic chicken marinated in garlic and lemon yogurt with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, and topped with garlic tahini sauce. Need something more vegan friendly? Give the Don’t Falafel Lift a try, which comes with 4 fried falafel balls wrapped in a warm pita with lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber and topped with garlic tahini sauce. Just looking for a snack to hold you over while you explore the center? Grab the Turkish Fries which come seasoned with Turkish spices and topped with our garlic tahini sauce.

BruceSkis will be located near the Animal Infirmary just before the Be Wild Gift Shop (see map above). Learn more about their menu as well as our summer dining options here.

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