We’ve just released new animal audio guides, which are perfect for a self-guided tour! This gives you the ability to play the audio guides on your smartphone or handheld device while you are at the various animal habitats.

Come enjoy over 200 acres of animal enclosures by self-touring our scenic 1.5-mile loop, accessible by foot, by bike, or by car, while learning about our resident wildlife at each animal habitat via fun and informative audio guides!

Click here to be taken to the AWCC Animals page, then click on the animal you are interested in learning about. The audio guide is narrated by Sarah (Howie) Howard and located at the bottom of each animal’s bio page.

Or, use the links below for quick access!

Discover the WILD of Alaska and come meet the locals! Walk on the Wild Side Tours are available year-round and include an animal encounter. Summer Moose Encounters & Bear Encounters are available for online booking. Book early to ensure your spot!