I know this may be amoosing (amusing, get it? Hah!), but our Moose Encounters are going great!

Folks have come out every morning for our encounter. Each group has had the chance to feed the moose clementine rinds or browse – twigs and leaves. During the encounter, visitors have had one-on-one interactions with our moose as well as the opportunity to speak with our animal care staff.

“We saw it online, and it was one of the trips we wanted to make while we were here. Being able to get really close with them and get to feed them – it was well worth the $10!”
– Adam and Lauren of Denver, CO

The Moose Encounter not only gives AWCC visitors the chance to interact with the moose, but it gives our moose the chance to interact with people.

People-Animal interaction is incredibly important, especially when animal staff must work up close and personal with the animal. This type of enrichment activity helps to build trust, understanding and a connection between the person and animal.

Click here for more information about our Moose Encounters or see more photos on our Facebook page.

*AWCC staff provides means of hand sanitizing before/after the encounter.

Discover the WILD of Alaska and come meet the locals! Walk on the Wild Side Tours are available year-round and include an animal encounter. Summer Moose Encounters & Bear Encounters are available for online booking. Book early to ensure your spot!