Tierney Gannon, Animal Care Intern

Favorite Animal? AWCC: Hugo the Grizzly Bear or Snickers the Porcupine Overall: Toads
Where are you from? Lockport, Illinois
Education? Ohio State University; Major: Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology Minor: Spanish
Aspirations? I want to travel and work in multiple locations and countries and to find a career that includes working with wildlife, education and traveling.
How do you hope AWCC will help you accomplish your aspirations? I hope it helps me to gain more hands-on experience with animals.
Plans after this? I plan on returning to school to continue my degree. My next stop will be finding a research internship to finish rounding out my skill set.


Amanda Schultheis, Animal Care Intern

Favorite Animal? AWCC: Our brown bear, Joe Boxer (JB), our moose, Tok, and our black bear cub, Kobuk Overall: Amur Leopard
Where are you from? West Palm Beach, Florida
Education? University of Florida Major: Agricultural Education & Communication Minor: Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, Innovation Specialization: Leadership Development
Aspirations? My dream is to open a non-profit safari lodge in southern Africa specializing in habitat restoration and animal reintroduction. 
How do you hope AWCC will help you accomplish your aspirations? I hope to expand my skill set in a new environment.
Favorite part so far?  My favorite part about working at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center would have to be feeding our black and brown bears. They each have their own unique personalities, and being able to see an animal that would otherwise be inaccessible every day is an amazing experience. I also enjoy leading educational programs for a variety of our animals. 
Plans after this? Return to school, and finish my degree

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