The AWCC is very proud to announce the arrival of our first rescued animal of the season – Athena the muskox calf!

Athena is a three-week-old calf who came to AWCC from outside Deadhorse, Alaska. Athena had been alone for a full week after her mother and sibling had been killed by a grizzly bear. A Department of Transportation employee found Athena being chased by foxes and after rescuing her, contacted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. ADF&G then reached out and transferred her to the AWCC to give this girl a permanent and happy home. Athena’s full name is Athena Mini Ming Won after the name of the DOT employee who helped spot her. Welcome to the AWCC, Athena!
The AWCC would like to thank Alaska Airlines for donating flights to bring Athena safely from the North Slope to Anchorage.

*Athena is not yet on display to the public but will be later this summer.

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